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What sand do you need?

The composition of sand varies and making sure you are using the right type for the job at hand is very important. Below is a list of some of the sands used in the building and construction industry, if you have any questions about what sand would best suit your requirements then please call the friendly and helpful staff at Cootes Quarry Products.

Concrete sand is Normally naturally occurring washed sand with a particle size less than .5mm. Manufactured sand is normally a quarry dust produced by the crushing of rock.

Ménage sand is very fine washed processed sand without stone. Holcim has a wide variety of sands available including ménage sand which is suitable for use in construction of horse arenas and training rings.

Turf Sand  is widely used throughout the golf and sporting industry, a topdressing material that can be used in a multiple of applications. From top dressing greens and fairways to sports fields and landscaped parklands.Turf Sand is washed and graded sand specifically produced for the horticultural industry.

Brick Sand is fine in texture and high in clay content  and used in mortar for brick and stone work. Brick sand can also be used in sand boxes and as a base for above ground swimming pools.

Filter Sand is sourced fromis normaly sourced from river system, this sand has the ideal angularity, size, spherity and hardness for the most efficient filtering of water.

 Pipe Bedding Sand is a medium grade washed river sand used for a variety of applications, most commonly in plumbing and as a bed for laying paving.