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Crushed Rock

Our crushed rocks are well graded materials consisting of various sized particles containing coarse and fine aggregate to enable compaction. Can be produced from natural or recycled materials. Cootes Quarry Products supply crushed rock that complies with standards stipulated by VicRoads ensuring of a specific caliber of quality, longevity, and performance, for road construction applications.

Cootes Quarry Products crushed rock’s is suitable for many applications including:

Road Base Construction: A dependable base material for road construction, Our crushed rock gives essential stability and support to roadways, ensuring a stable foundation for pavement layers like asphalt or concrete.

Subbase Road Material: This crushed rock as a good subbase layer beneath road bases, giving structural stability and increasing load-bearing capacity of road systems.

Driveways and Parking Areas: All our crushed rock products are Ideal for driveways and parking lots, giving a compacted and resilient foundation for vehicles.

Landscaping: Our range of crushed rock has unlimited applications for landscaping projects, forming the basis for pathways, walkways, and outdoor areas.

Foundation Fill: For building foundations or other structural elements, crushed rock fill material delivers a solid and secure base.

Erosion Control: With its stability and compacted nature, crushed rock provides erosion control and stabilisation to slopes managing water runoff to prevent soil erosion.

Pipe Embedment: Ideal for embedding pipes and utilities, our crushed rocks provide essential support and stability around underground infrastructure, ensuring their longevity.

Around your home or property: Elevate your gardens, driveways and walkways by using crushed rock. Create stunning garden with our range of natural crushed rocks. In a range of shapes, sizes and colours, curate your garden, driveway or walkways with unique varieties of crushed rock. A convenient low cost alternative to mulch, crushed rock is a maintenance-free solution to your landscaping needs.

  • Sub base for concrete slabs
  • Access tracks for building sites
  • Parking hard stand
  • Back fill over pipes for compaction
  • Horse Menage Bases
  • Post hole back fill
  • Walking tracks
  • Tennis / Netball court bases
  • Road Construction
  • Shed Floors

Brown Toppings

Tuscan Toppings

Available in 14mm to 5mm

Tynong Toppings

Tynong Toppings

Granite crushed rock

Granite crushed rock for Hard Stand


Varying sizes up to 150mm, ideal for access tracks.

Crushed Rock/Roadbase

Class 1, 2, 3 and 4 can be wet, dry and cement stabilized;  7mm minus Read more