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Aggregate drainage scoria, is a variant of volcanic rock. Its porous structure is particularly suitable for drainage, particularly in storm water drains and subsurface drainage systems. It enables the efficient passage of water while decreasing the risk of soil obstruction or clogging.

Drainage Swales: Designed to channel and manage stormwater runoff, can benefit from incorporating scoria in the base, for efficient drainage pathways.

Trenches and Backfilling : For utility installations,  a layer of scoria surrounding pipes or conduit ensures proper drainage and reduces soil compaction.

Paving: Scoria provides water infiltration through the surface and into the ground. Incorporating a layer of scoria beneath the pavement helps the runoff of stormwater and reducess surface water accumulation.

Retaining Wall Drainage: Ideal for retaining walls holding soil or water, scoria can be used behind the wall as a drainage layer to effectively manage water drainage and stop hydro static pressure, which could compromise the wall’s integrity.

Gardens and Landscaping :  Scoria is a great choice, for pathways, dry riverbeds, or can be used as mulching material. Its appearance and permeability make it popular for all kinds of outdoor spaces.

Erosion Control: Scoria’s application extends to stabilising slopes, embankments, and waterways. Its porous structure acts as a barrier against soil erosion and provides resilience against water flow forces.

Granite Aggregate

7-10mm, 14-20mm, and Beaching Surge  

Basalt Aggregate

7mm, 10mm, 14mm, 20mm, and Beaching Surge

Scoria Aggregate

Scoria is a light weight volcanic stone used in landscaping, construction and drainage works. It is Read more