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PBS Approval Allows Hamelex White to Offer Even More Productivity!

PBS-ApprovalABOVE: The PBS approved four axle dog trailer has further increased productivity levels of PR Cootes Holdings Pty Ltd.

Hamelex White is highly regarded for delivering quality tipping solutions based on performance and durability and now, through the PBS (Performance Based Solutions)assessment program, customers such as PR Cootes Holdings Pty Ltd, who recently added a PBS approved four axle Hamelex White Dog Trailer, have the opportunity to further increase the productivity of their quipment. For the uninitiated, PBS (Performance Based Standards) offers the potential for heavy vehicle operators to achieve higher productivity and safety through innovative vehicle design.

These gains are typically not available under conventional ‘one size fits all’ prescriptive mass and dimension rules or the state-based permit system. Applications for SMART heavy vehicles are considered by a PBS Review Panel (PRP). The Hamelex White four axle dog aluminium trailer has been an important addition to the PR Cootes Holdings fleet of 15 trailers, as it is being used to cart quarry products around eastern Victoria for Holcim Australia Pty Ltd, one of Australia’s leading suppliers of aggregates, concrete and other related products with over 100 years of experience.

Holcim also plays a significant role in obtaining the productivity benefits by ensuring the ordering and scheduling processes are route assessed and that all Holcim Quarries and loading point weighbridges are conversant with the permit obligations Training and Safety Supervisor at Holcim, Gary Clarke, ensured that there was a smooth implementation between the drivers, quarries and their Customer Service Centre. And as Paul Cootes of PR Cootes Holdings Pty Ltd explains, this tipper is doing its job perfectly. “Having PBS approval on this unit is already providing phenomenal benefits,
it has increased productivity by around 20 percent. It’s just terrific and so versatile.”

“This combination can be delivering to a rural roadside delivery in the morning and a metropolitan concrete plant in the afternoon if need be with the same level of productivity that is expected from a B-double. It’s basically hauling B-double weights but has greater flexibility in terms of where it can travel and a far lighter tare weight for the same gross mass. Permits are required to travel along B-double routes however flexibility can be achieved by working with local councils for concrete plant access and less prominent roads in the network. I would say that the versatility of this unit is by far, one of its greatest advantages.”

With over 24 years of experience, Paul Cootes is no stranger to the transport industry, and running a safe, efficient and reliable fleet is always high on his agenda. His business practice thrives on continuous improvement and Paul will only place a driver that has a Multi Combination licence into any of his PBS vehicles, as they are carrying similar weights to a B-double. TDT Driver Training in Dandenong recently provided three of Paul’s drivers with the MC endorsement, which heavily focuses on route planning and other skills that complement vehicles carrying higher mass  weights.

“The PBS scheme does not require an MC licence as part of the criteria, but from a best practice point of view, I believe it to be beneficial,” he says.

This new tipper is the fourth PBS approved unit purchased by PR Cootes Holdings Pty Ltd, all of which were designed and manufactured by Hamelex White. The first three PBS approved units have a 56 tonne gross mass, while this is the first to have 57.5 tonne gross mass, enabling it to carry up to 40.6 tonne payload. Amongst those impressed with the capabilities of the new trailer is its driver, Sebastian Kuyer who says, “It actually handles better at 57.5 tonne than it does at 50 tonne.” PBS certifier, Bisitecniks played a large role in enabling the PR Cootes Holdings Pty Ltd units to obtain PBS permits. “The main elements of PBS approval are vehicle access in terms of where the vehicle is permitted to travel; specifications, which need to go into great detail for the assessment; the inspection of the equipment; and the final approvals and permits,” explains Paul Walsh of Bistecniks.

“For any vehicle that can’t comply with the prescriptive regulation, PBS is really the only avenue available, and what PBS approval generally means is higher productivity. The types of vehicles that PR Cootes Holdings Pty Ltd operates are achieving significant increases in weight because of PBS.” As part of providing enhanced safety, the four axle dog trailer has been fitted with a body-up alarm system. This system provides drivers with an audible and visual alarm to indicate that the tipper body is elevated and helps prevent it from contacting overhead hazards, including powerlines which can cause a significant risk to the driver. This system works through the truck hydraulics and registers any pressure on the hoist, which triggers the audible tone and LED display in the cabin of the truck. An additional mirror has been fitted at the front of the truck to eliminate blind spots. Further to this, extra lighting helps to provide increased visibility. The tipper has been fitted out with Narva LED stop/tail lights, side lights, and reflectors to the rear and sides.

“Hamelex did a very good job in building the unit to exacting specifications which is vital when seeking PBS approval,” states Paul Cootes. “It’s a very precise methodology so you need everybody to do their job to the millimetre. I would like to acknowledge the cooperation we had between Hamelex White, its suppliers and the consultant Bisitecniks in order to get these approvals and get the unit out on the road.” Hamelex White has a proud and long-standing relationship with PR Cootes Holdings Pty Ltd, and focuses on delivering the same quality of work and ongoing service to all transport operators who require customised trailer and tipping solutions.